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A Great Article on Life After Divorce and How Thinking About the Past is Okay

Life after divorce offers a nice time for reflection, but it hardly seems that way. It can often seem like an oppressive state of regret and loneliness. It is, for better or worse, a time to reassess and to place pointed emphasis on the possibilities of the future. But, how much of this time should be spent toiling in the past and how much of it should be spent looking at the wide open horizon of the future?

Based on the wording of the above, it seems senseless to look at the past. But, that can be a little unfair (and, to be frank, pretty unlikely). The past divorce is worth contemplating if only to discover hidden mistakes and actions that put a person in the situation to begin with.

Divorce is Worth Toiling Over

A common piece of advice is to just look at the future and forget the past. Of course, this is impractical and possibly not all that healthy. There is nothing fundamentally wrong with looking at the marriage. It is how one looks at the marriage that makes everything. For example, it should not be seen as longing. The marriage is over, and hoping for a rekindled relationship is not the way to contemplate it. It should be seen as an end to a chapter, not a bookmark to be continued another day. There are lots of ways to contemplate marriage, but ignoring it for the wide open future is not only impractical, but it may open up a door of being completely overwhelmed.

When the Future Matters

What will really make the future glow bright and cheery? The answer is time. It is truly only time that can bridge a solid gap between the end of a marriage and the firm look at the possibilities of the future. The other cliché here is that time heals everything, and maturity post-divorce will allow anyone to reflect on their mistakes without a strong sense of longing and failure.

Readers can find a great article on life after divorce by following people they trust and hearing stories. It is a wonderful way to get out of one’s own head and to look at how similar people really are despite separation in time and place.

Tips For Dealing With Divorce When Children are Involved

When couples go through a divorce and children are involved, it’s likely that a parent’s attention is divided between the children’s well-being and the process itself. It can be hard to focus on them while sorting out one’s own emotions and legal responsibilities, but the tips below can make the process easier.

Be Honest

A divorce may come suddenly, and it’s likely that the children will have many questions. Parents should answer these questions as honestly as they can but in an age-appropriate way. Younger kids tend to do well with generalized statements, while teens and older kids can understand smaller details.

Act Normally

The most effective way to normalize a child’s divorce experience is to act as one normally would. It’s important for parents to monitor their emotions when talking about divorce, or during pickups and drop-offs at the other parent’s house.

Don’t Fight In Front of the Children

While it is possible to have an amicable divorce, it is not always possible. With that said, a person’s relationship with his or her ex-spouse doesn’t have to be acrimonious. Kids have a harder time adjusting when their parents fight all the time, and exes should work to keep things civil in front of the children.

Acknowledge the Children’s Feelings

It can be hard to persuade kids to discuss their feelings, but it’s important to do so. Kids should feel safe enough to express themselves around both parents, and when the lines of communication are kept open, kids have an outlet for their fears and frustrations.


Consistency and routine are important for children, particularly during a divorce. With this in mind, parents should work to cooperate with one another as far as visitation schedules and parenting plans are concerned. It pays to be flexible, and to do that, parents have to put their personal feelings aside.

Kids appreciate having a person to talk to about their feelings, and parents may consider finding a children’s therapist with a focus on divorce. It may be wise for parents to seek therapy as well—after all, it’s easier to care for the children’s needs when parents are in a good state of mind. Visit for more tips on coping before, during and after a divorce.

Getting Help in Dealing with Divorce: Picking Up the Pieces and Loving Life Again

One of the saddest breakdowns in the family structure is the issue of divorce. Often in the divorce process, things get pretty ugly between the divorcing couple. There is fighting over who gets what, who gets custody of the children, if any, and how much alimony or palimony will have to be paid. There could be a lot of mudslinging going on during the ordeal. This creates a lot of stress. After the divorce, one or both of the parties may need help getting a grip on life. A divorce attorney in Jackson, Mississippi offers help with a program called “Dealing with Divorce: Picking Up the Pieces and Loving Life Again.

Life After Divorce

Divorces can be and usually are very financially draining. One of the parties will be left in a worse financial situation than the other. The party that has been granted custody of the children will usually have to rearrange his or her life to ensure that the children are properly taken care of. Also, being awarded child support and spousal maintenance is no guarantee that the other party will pay or be able to pay. There must be an alternative game plan.

Using an Attorney to Help the Client Ensure He or She Can Pick Up the Pieces

To ensure that the client will come out of the divorce with a better chance at life, he or she should secure an attorney who has a proven track record in helping the client get awarded physical custody. He or she should hire an attorney who can help the client retain the fair share of the property and other financial assets. Getting the right attorney will also ensure the client gets proper treatment concerning sharing the custody of the children.

An Attorney Who Can Help

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