Successful Home Based Business Ideas, Which Bring High Search Engine Rankings

Most internet surfers start their information search from the search engines, mostly from Google. So the marketing of the home based business ideas must respond to these searches by getting their pages high on the result pages of the same keywords. This is a competition between different sites.

1. Google Appreciates The Quality And The Number Of Backlinks.

So if your home based business ideas site wants to rank high at Google, you just have to have more quality backlinks, than the sites you want to pass, i.e. links pointing from high PR sites to your site equipped with the anchor texts. Google clearly thinks, that these links are like votes from other sites and thus your site is useful to the Internet community.

When an internet surfer types for instance home based business ideas keyword into the Google search bar, Google will present a result page quickly, where the sites are in a certain order. People think simply, that the first site is the best, the second is the second best and so forth. So the higher the site is located, the more clicks it receives. That is why the top places are so wanted.

2. Google Appreciates Natural, White Hat Links With Anchor Texts.

So try to avoid buying links or using any other unnatural tricks to place your link into other websites. The best way is of course, if the site visitors will regard your site so useful, that they will place a link on their sites.

Another effective way is to write articles about your home based business ideas and to distribute them to lots of article directories. Because the directories are normally of high PR, the links are very good ones.

3. You Can Use Link Exchange Between Other Marketers.

Many marketers run the sites of their home based business ideas by building link network with related sites. Now you can utilize this and to check from Google Directory the related webmasters. Make sure, that the linking sites are related and that they have enough backlinks, which are of high quality.

4. The Keyword Choice Is Extremely Important.

First, there are lots of related keywords of your home based business ideas with which you will never rank well. The competition is just too fierce. So you must do two things. To research the competition, i.e. the sites which you plan to pass and to use the so called long tail keywords.

I recommend, that you use some keyword tool, which expresses, how hard is the competition with that particular keyword. The usage of the long tail keywords offers the most effective way, because each search term actually includes several independent keywords, even ten. To put it simply, when you optimize with a one long tail, you actually optimize with several different keywords.

If you succeed in the keyword choice and use the article marketing and distribution, you will reach your search engine ranking targets. This method is not the quickest one, but on the other hand, the rankings of the long tail keywords last for a long period of time.